Re-establishing a Ward Council

One of the reasons I am running for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee is because I’m a parent and I have kids attending Edmonton Public Schools. As a parent, I’ve had mixed responses to the community engagement conducted by the board.  I’ve been so happy to see the board inviting parent and student feedback into big decisions such as space for schools, proposed amalgamation/school closures and initiatives such as the  Student Senate. Yet, I’ve also been frustrated at times by the structured way that responses were required in public meetings.  I’ve heard parents say that it sometimes felt like they were being invited so that community engagement could be checked off a list.

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The importance of mental health programs

Mental health is more than the absence of a mental illness. I view mental health as something that is important to our daily lives. Mental health means feeling supported by those you care about, feeling that you belong to a community, and believing that you have a purpose in this world. Mental health is something that can be promoted in our communities and schools in a wide variety of ways. I believe that policies fostering inclusion and respect are part of mental health promotion, and that mental health promotion should also involve easy access to individuals with training. Speaking to someone about your concerns or troubles can be extremely important in preventing mental illness, particularly when you can speak to someone who understands and can help.

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