Thank you

Last night was the last meeting of the current Board of Trustee’s term. It’s been an eventful term and has highlighted the importance of a locally elected school board. Our board is now on recess until the municipal election (and after that I will take down this Trustee blog). Please research your Trustee candidates and vote, it’s a small but very important thing that you can do for public education.

I’d like to share with you the comments I shared with our board at the end of our meeting.

I’d like to express gratitude for the opportunity to serve students, families and communities during my term. The pandemic has been difficult, especially for those serving students.  And I’d like to share a quote by Mr. Rogers: 

At many times throughout their lives, children will feel the world has turned topsy-turvy.  It’s not that ever-present smile that will help them feel secure.  It’s knowing that love can hold many feelings, including sadness, and that they can count on the people they love to be with them until the world turns right-side-up again.

Fred Rogers

I see this work happening every day in schools and online. It’s been hard to show up for each other sometimes. When I feel lost or disappointed or angry at what’s happening in the world, all I have to do is look around for the people who are showing up. At EPSB, you don’t have to look very hard. Thank you to my colleagues, to everyone on this meeting, working in our buildings and online, and to every one of you who are supporting schools for being someone who can be counted on until the world turns right-side-up again.