Adequate, Equitable Funding for Education

Yesterday’s board meeting held an important discussion for Trustees. We discussed a motion put forward by our Board Chair on the necessity for adequate, equitable funding for education:

That the Board of Trustees advocate to the Government of Alberta that they clearly communicate changes to the funding framework for education to Edmonton Public Schools prior to implementation and consider suggestions from Edmonton Public Schools on the draft of the framework.

Further, be it resolved that the Board of Trustees advocate for adequate, equitable funding that takes into account enrolment growth, ensuring that all children receive the support they need to be successful.

This motion was incredibly timely because our board is only just coming to terms with the impact of the provincial budget announcements.

Provincial Budget

The province has frozen K-12 education funding at 2018 levels ($8.2 billion dollars) with plans to continue this freeze of funding at $8.2 billion dollars for the next four years. This freeze is significant because by the end of the next four years, there will be an estimated 60,000 additional students in the K-12 education system in Alberta, with no new funding.

That number is a large number – 60,000 students is enough to fill 150 elementary schools or 30 high schools.  If there is no new funding entering the system, the only way to provide teachers and EAs and custodians and supports to these additional students is to re-allocate resources from currently existing schools.  This waters-down the supports that our provincial system can provide to students and increases the demands on teachers and staff who are already working hard in incredibly complex classrooms. In my opinion, that means that there will be less supports for students, and a higher chance of students slipping through the cracks in our system. And in a city like Edmonton, where our board has seen increases in students by at least 3% every year,  the effects are cumulative for every year that passes without additional funding.

Funding Formula Review

The Ministry of Education is currently in the process of reviewing how this money will be distributed to all of the school boards within the province.  Our board discussed the importance of being engaged in that process so that we can discuss the needs of Edmonton Public students while the province makes decisions about how the budget of $8.2 billion dollars should be split between all school boards and schools in this province.  We stressed the need to be informed ahead of time regarding any changes so that we are not in a position of having to respond to important funding changes mid-way through the year.

More importantly, our board discussed the importance of adequate and equitable funding.  Because adequate funding means enough resources to ensure that every student in our province has what they need to be successful – and this includes a well-supported teacher in a manageable classroom size, supports from EAs, mental health therapists, and a strong inclusive learning team. In order to do this, when our school board grows, we need funding growth to maintain these supports.

Our board will be working hard in the coming months to engage with parents, students, staff and community to listen to your values, your priorities and your concerns.  We will be working hard to make some difficult decisions together with our communities and will be doing everything we can to put the needs of our students first.  If you have a question or concern, or would like to share you thoughts with me, please reach out to me: shelagh.dunn@epsb.ca.

As always, you can watch our board meeting on You Tube: