Board Update: October 22, 2019

Today’s board meeting was short but there are some important highlights (full meeting package and minutes are available online):

Remarks from the Board Chair:

Board Chair Estabrooks expressed that the board will be looking towards the budget announcement on Thursday, October 24th, and will be holding the government to the promise that funding for education will be maintained or increased.  Chair Estabrooks also remarked that education funding is an investment in the future.  She shared the reality that Edmonton Public Schools will be out of high school space by 2022 if a new high school is not built in the south east.

On class size funding, Chair Estabrooks expressed that our board believes it is possible to roll this funding into our overall base funding and that reducing overall funding for class sizes is a concern and an item we will be watching closely, as we look forward to future conversations.

Student senate workplan: Our three Student Trustees were sworn into office today and they discussed with the board the student senate’s work in distilling student feedback on improvement needed in the student experience to four themes: mental health, diversity and cohesion, environment, and life skills.  The student senate reported the decision to focus in depth on the theme of life skills for this year and will work towards a student symposium at the end of May.

Board chair notice of motion: A notice of motion was provided by Chair Estabrooks for discussion at our next board meeting, that Edmonton Public School Board advocate for adequate, equitable funding that takes into account enrolment growth.  EPSB has had 9 years of 3% enrolment growth, and it is likely this trend will continue.

A thank you to ASCA: I had the opportunity to thank the Alberta School Council Association for partnering with me to visit School Councils in Ward C to talk about the resources available for School Councils, and the importance of School Councils as a voice in their local school, for the board and as a voice for education in the province.

Board of Trustees with Student Trustees