Welcome Back!

As we head back into the classrooms, we know that many students had a wonderful summer and are coming back refreshed and ready for school. But it’s also true that not everyone had a great summer. Sometimes life throws difficult things at young people over the summer.  For these students, heading back to school and routine can be a relief.  Or, school might feel difficult and there is no excitement at being back, for these students, it might feel like a long day.

No matter how it feels heading back to school today, I want you to know that you are being thought about and considered by your school, your teachers and the team of people working behind the scenes at Edmonton Public Schools.

A new school year is the time many of us set intentions for the year.  Maybe it will be to do that home reading every day, maybe it will be to join a school club (or start one!), maybe it’s to share lunch with a new friend, to feed your kids healthy snacks after school, or to get more sleep. Edmonton Public Schools shares the intention of doing the best we can for the students who trust us with their education, and who trust us to share in the day-to-day moments that shape the year.  Thank you for sharing your excitement, nerves, tears and laughter with us today.